Terms & Conditions

Welcome to our online store.
Please read these terms carefully before using this website.
Every user who enters and uses the services of the online store is deemed to consent and unconditionally accept all the conditions set forth on this website, without any exception. If you do not accept these terms, you are not allowed to use this website and do any transaction with this online store. Submitting your order implies acceptance of all terms.

The website is an online store which is an electronic presence of the company ART COPY which you can find at the Address: Kyrillou Loukareos 17 & Paraschou Gyzi Athens 11475 Greece "In front of the Court of Appeal of Athens", Phone: +30 2106431659 & Fax : +30 2106431659

A necessary condition for the initiation of mediation between us is the disclosure by you of some of your personal information. When you place an order, we will ask you for your full name, the address to which the products will be shipped, your landline number (or any other phone you want), your email address. This data will in no way be disclosed, made public or sold to third parties.
The products sold by our online store, have accepted with strict criteria the characteristics and other elements of the products sold which are available and you can find out about them by following the search instructions listed on our website and by "clicking" on the name of the corresponding product.

order cancellation
For any cancellation of an order (total or partial) you should call 2106431659. This possibility is offered to you until the moment we inform you about the dispatch of your order. After this point in time it is not possible to cancel it.

For the convenience and service of all those who wish to buy from our store, has the following alternative payment methods:
With credit card
Cash on delivery when you receive the products
By bank transfer to our company's bank accounts
With receipt and payment from our store also gives you the option to choose whether your payment will be made with a retail receipt or with an invoice. An invoice is issued to companies and self-employed professionals if they fill in the following information during their order: Company name, A.F.M., D.O.Y. company object and address.


Within Attica
For shipments within Athens and the Attica basin and up to an order weight of 2 kg, the charge is €2. For each additional kilo, the charge amounts to €0.50 per kilo.
There is a charge of €1.80 for each shipment with a cash on delivery order
For shipments within Athens and the Attica Basin and from an order amount of €50 or more, regardless of volume or weight, transportation is completely free.

Outside of Attica
For shipments to land or island destinations (areas) outside the Attica Basin, they fall under the regime applicable to customers in the province and the final price (with transport) will be received in the reply email received from our company.
Excluded from the above are products whose volume in relation to their weight affects the way of loading and therefore the charge is made by volume measurement or other agreement with the transport company (prior consultation).
For shipments abroad, the list of Greek post offices will apply.

The prices listed in the relevant catalogs under each product include VAT (24%) depending on the category of the item. These prices refer to the quantities available in our warehouse, while reserves the right to adjust the prices.
You have the right to return the products you purchased, free of charge and without having to tell us the reason why you wish to return the products, within a period of 3 working days from the date you receive the products. In this case, you only bear the direct cost of returning the products.

Returns are only accepted if the products you wish to return are in the same condition in which you received them, i.e. unsealed or tampered with, together with the retail receipt or invoice.

To avoid your own inconvenience, it is advisable to carefully check at the time of delivery of your order, the condition of the products sold and the intactness of their packaging, in order to identify any obvious defects (e.g. broken goods, wrong item, etc. ) ).

In case you want to return the products you bought to us via e- mail to, the address to which the products for return should be sent is: Kyrillou Loukareos 17 & Paraschou Gyzi Athens 11475 Greece.

In the event of a return of the products and depending on the way you chose to pay for your order and the way they will be returned, your refund will be completed within 7 days from the date we receive the products.

1. Force majeure: If for reasons of force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes, etc. ) it is not possible to deliver the products to you within the predetermined time, we will inform you via e- mail , so that you can notify us if you wish, under these conditions, the completion of your order.

2. Liability: The store is not responsible for defects or poor quality of the products available to its customers. All products are received from suppliers packaged. In the event that a defective product is proven to be found in the quantities delivered, you reserve the right to return it with the possibility of replacing it with our own shipping costs or refunding your money.

3. Modification of the terms hereof: reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of transactions. The company Art Copy undertakes the obligation to update this text for any change or addition to the terms.