Payment methods

For the convenience and service of all those who wish to buy from our store, has the following alternative payment methods:

With credit card
Cash on delivery when you receive the products
By bank transfer to our company's bank accounts
With receipt and payment from our store

Also, gives you the option to choose whether your payment will be made with a retail sales receipt or with an invoice. An invoice is issued to companies and self-employed professionals if they fill in the following information during their order: Company name, A.F.M., D.O.Y. company object and address.

Bank accounts

EUROBANK IBAN: GR48 0260 0990 0003 8020 0278 566

PIRAEUS IBAN: GR36 0171 5580 0065 5814 2860 964

ALPHA BANK IBAN: GR89 0140 1010 1010 0231 0197 858