Digital Printing

For those of you who demand quality, consistency, specialized photocopying and digital printing in excellent quality, minimum delivery time, and very economically. We print and photocopy all paper sizes, black and white and color. With the best digital printing machines, we can meet the needs of every book printing job, even Bachelor Theses. Minimum preparation and copy production time. Automatic folding (two-fold, three-fold or four-fold form) and form accordion construction.

With new technology machines, we can print for you Topographic plans, Color plans, Architectural plans, Poster printing in large dimensions and very good resolution. With great color accuracy according to the original. Also, we can do scanning (file digitization) and save in any format you want (.jpeg, .pdf) in excellent resolution, even the possibility of sending a file via email. Large format prints are usually digital. We print on a plotter:

  • Print on photo paper
  • Black and white design printing

For technical and design companies as well as for Civil Engineers, Architects, Electrical Engineers and Surveyors there is the service of printing or copying plans. With precision in the printing dimension and expertise in CAD printing, fast service and low prices, we are your reliable partner. There is the possibility of color and black and white printing of designs.