At art copy & paper you will have professional binding in minutes. For any assignment, presentation or to make a simple form easy to use, we will always take care of binding at the best prices, for one or many pieces (ask for a quote for large quantities)

We can bind individual pages that you bring to us, or we can take care of creating your book from scratch, pagination, printing and binding.

Choose the type of binding you need.

Leather binding

It is indicated for graduate theses, diplomas, doctoral theses. It is usually delivered with gold-printed titles on the cover and spine to show the theme of the content when placed in a bookcase. Available in black, blue, burgundy and green leather, with gold and silver lettering.

Also to restore your books by making them new.

Binding with personalized hard cover.

2mm hardcover binding printed with the theme of your choice or with fabric in a variety of colors.

Application in Books, Dissertations, Photobooks, Manuals, Menus, CD/DVD Cases, Binders.

Binding with cover insert

New innovative binding with an impressive and immediate effect which is very similar to hardcover personalized binding but at a lower cost. Suitable for diplomas, theses, papers, price lists, corporate presentations, photobooks, etc.

Simple heat sealing

By heat gluing, we turn each multi-page form into a solid, uniform book with a flat glued plastic spine and a plastic slide in front, turning the first page into a cover. Ideal and economical solution for archiving and "bundling" a large volume of forms.

Plastic spiral

An ideal solution for fast economic binding with ease of changing the content is the plastic spiral. We use protective transparency and thick back cover to make your issue more compact.

As an alternative to plastic spiral binding, special paper can be used for the cover - back cover or to highlight any part of your issue. The plastic spiral is recommended for ease of use in later reading of the form.

Metal spiral

For presentations, catalogs, assignments and any other multi-page document, a professional and easy-to-use binding solution is the metal spiral. You choose the cover and back cover you want, the possible use of protective transparency as well as the color of the metal spiral (white, black and silver) and we bind your form for you.

Heat sealing with perimeter cover

Extremely common as a bookbinding, it is the way you will see most books bound in a bookstore. The form is bound with glue, then it is "sealed" with a single front cover - back cover print and as a finish it is trimmed (a few millimeters are cut) around the perimeter to complete its compact appearance. There is also the possibility of using special papers for the cover - back cover, offering the possibility for rich appearance combinations. Specifically, for the binding of perimeter heat-gluing and due to the nature of the work, we need a working one.

Binding in metal bind

"metal-binding" binding (with pressure, without glue), from 5 to 300 sheets. Fast binding process (5-10 sec), high durability and impressive professional presentation in the bound form, as well as the possibility of adding and removing sheets after binding.


Modern form of bookbinding where the folded pages are covered with the cover, and stapled over the fold. It follows the folding-composition process, but instead of folding the sheets one after the other, they are nested one inside the other. This form of binding, although quite strong, does not allow for a large number of pages or large paper thicknesses. The maximum that can be bound is 85gsm paper and up to 128 pages. Then the forms are cut on three (3) sides of the form.